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experienced spearfishing guides

Assisted by our experienced spearfishing guides, out of Cabo San Lucas Marina or San Jose del Cabo Marina, we will bring you to several fishing spots that will chose according to the season. We can adjust the time of departure to your convenience, and go to further more pristine uncharted locations. 

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Jonathan navarro

Mexican exp. surfer and spearfishingman live and travel all over baja exploring the best remote location in the peninsula of Baja California Sur mexico.


remmy viniegra

Pro Spearo with year of exp coming down form the capital of the grupers punta abre ojos now living in the amazing water of los cabos


fishing time

conft and with lots of space our boat is cap to fit up to 4 spearos with no prob big cooler for all the fish and easy access to get in and out of the boat

Tour Highlights

best experience

Live the adventure for full day tour in the best reefs of the area.Guide by expert freediver and spearo, We will teach you everything you need to know about this amazing sport, Starting from safe freediving techniques, to basic underwater hunting skills,

Quality Equipment

All our equip is the higest quality ofering freediving fins , low volume mask ,profecional spearfishing wetsuit 2 pz , neopren socks , dinema glove high cut recistance ,rubber weitbelt , float line, 3atm float and professional speargun

Professional Assistance

Experience shoting some of the most amazaing fish on the reefs, Profesional guide will asist you on the water where you will be freediving depths from 10ft to 40ft of water targeting some of the most amazing fish of the baja

We love what we do joint us

During our private reef tour, we will teach you everything you need to know, from safe diving techniques, to basic hunting skills, and the local fishing laws.  Or as experienced speros if you are looking for a personalized trip or targeting a specific trophy fish, our captain will find you the perfect spots for better chances finding the targeted species.



Flexible schedule, morning 8AM and afternoon 1PM daily departures Click on BOOK NOW to check our time schedule. Tours available every day

What to Bring

Our tour includes drinks and snacks and fresh ceviche made in the boat and all the professional equip for the trip (except fishing License) . We recommend to bring towels, , hat, biodegradable sunscreen (much better for the reefs and marine life).

tour duration

Our private tour as a duration of 5 and half hours departing from the marina this tour will be the highlight of your trip to baja


Most frequent questions and answers

What can I expect to catch ?

Our Blue water trip will offer you a large range of big-game pelagic fish this epic experience. will take you to a new level”, the sea of Cortez  surrounding are well know as a world-class fishing spot. 

Depending on the season and your spearfishing skills you can expect to catch :  Yellowtail Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado/Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Jack, Snapper and more …

We believe that eating the fish you catch is part of the experience so we encourage that you take it, to enjoy it with family and friends. 


Excellent! Let us know what your Experienced is, the depth you are comfortable diving at, and if there is any specific fish you would like to target. We can customize your trip according to your skill level, depth you are comfortable at and choose the best spots for you.


No! Spearfishing is not allowed with the use of scuba equipment in Mexico, and it can only be practiced while Freediving. Spearfishing is a sport and the use of autonomous breathing removes the sporty part of it. With experience you will also discover that scuba can be a disadvantage since the larger predatory fish we target are usually scared by the bubbles of scuba gear


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